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Event Add-Ons

Welcome to the Event Add-Ons Page. For any inquiries please message us directly at: or select 'Event Add-Ons' at Catering Services Page on the bottom of the Catering Form.

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Aura massage therapy

Aura Massage Therapy is a therapy that encompasses organic body scrubs sourced from local Costa Rican Cacao. Maria has been studying this therapy for 8 years and has perfected the art of integrating the Costa Rican culture and cacao into her therapy. Select this option at checkout for a complete dining and massage experience. 

My Story

Maria is a native Costa Rican, born and raised in the country. Maria has been a professional Chef and masseuse for over 20 years. Maria has been trained in Relaxing Massage which is a combination of various massage and certified in a local Costa Rican Institution. 

Relaxing Massage

60 mins



Deep Tissue Massage

60 mins



Relaxing massage + Reiki + Reflexology

90 mins



*Full Bliss Package*

Relaxing massage

Organic Artisan Passion Fruit &Salts Scrub



2 hours



Body Treatment of your preference

Relaxing massage

90 mins



*Royal Cacao

*Clay & Roses

*Tropical Fruits Mix & Banana Leaf Wrap

*Cucumber/Aloe & Banana Leaf Wrap (Sunburn Treatment)


Contact me today for information on our services. 

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